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Personal Emergency Safety & Travel Document

PEST (Personal Emergency Safety & Travel) Doc
  • Personal Emergency Safety & Travel Document
  • Personal Emergency Safety & Travel Document

Personal Emergency Safety Travel Document

Personal Emergency Safety & Travel doc (PEST)

Before you embark on any adventure you should be planning what to do if anything goes wrong. This PEST when filled in and left behind with instructions of what to do with it, contains the essential safety information that gives rescuers a good indication of what your intentions may be and a starting point to begin searching. The PEST has been designed to fulfil many roles but most importantly it gives a formalised planning format which will give a starting point for any rescue crews or search planners.

This document should be printed and filled in for every trip away and adventure.

We call it the 'PEST' because you should be 'Pestered' for this information by everyone you know and by your family and friends.

The information you leave behind in your PEST will allow any rescue crews an insight into your planning and thought processes before you set off.
This level of knowledge will allow them to 'second guess' your intentions and possibly your decision making processes during your trip.
In the case of Gap-Year students, having a robust plan and leaving knowledge of that plan and its constant updates will give families and friends peace of mind.
We know plans change and situations are fairly fluid at times, BUT, if you have at least thought about difficulties you could encounter and the possible outcomes, and documented those, this information will be of great assistance to police, reach and Rescue and anyone else going to your assistance.


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