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Navigation Training Course Cannock Chase

Navigation Course Cannock Chase
  • Navigation Training Course Cannock Chase
  • Navigation Training Course Cannock Chase
  • Navigation Training Course Cannock Chase

Navigation Training Course

Navigation Training Course

A comprehensive navigation training course that will take you from total novice and give you the skills and knowledge to be able to micro navigate, anywhere and in any conditions.

Accurate navigation makes the difference between getting to where you want to go quickly and with the minimum of delays, OR, being unaware of: Your location, Your estimated time of arrival, Your direction of travel, What you are likely to see along the way and What you should be able to see from where you. Learn in safety with expertise and with the experience to show you easily remembered methods that will allow you to take on-board the course information.

We have had to navigate in life-and-death situations and to a level of precision you can only imagine.

Experience has shown us time and again how even the most prepared people can become the victims of fate and benighted in the hills and mountains through a lack of navigation ability. You don't need be an intrepid explorer to fall victim to the night, the weather or just bad luck. Even traffic delays can cause serious navigation problems when missing a sign can result in being delayed or getting lost.

Experience Based Training - this course is for anyone and everyone who ventures outdoors from nature ramblers to the hardened outdoor extreme-survivalist. Navigation is the key skill needed to move around the great outdoors and really feel free.

No following paths or the general direction of the ramblers but having the freedom to fully explore ether great outdoors but knowing beyond any doubt exactly where you are o the map at all times. Not slavishly following the GPS and an over reliance on technology, which can fail at a moments notice and result in being lost.

Held on Cannock Chase, an area of outstanding natural beauty, where the terrain is not too taxing but gives adequate terrain relief for use of contour lines and areas where close country severely limits the views. You will have plenty of options for stopping oil the area if you cannot travel daily. Details are in your download instructions.

Held over a weekend to make maximum use of the daylight on day one but allowing time of night navigation, we begin on the Saturday morning at 0900. There are plenty of B&B, cheap hotels and camping options for attending this course, keeping your costs down and giving you plenty of options.

Arrival - 0900 (Meeting point location will be included in your downloaded joining instructions - You will receive a link in an email once your booking has been paid)

Day One - Introduction to Mapping, Finding our way, Route selection and practical use of the techniques taught you (Including night navigation)
Day Two - Micro navigation to a very high degree of accuracy

Disperse - 1600

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5-6 May 2018


12-13 May 2018


19-20 May 2018


7-8 July 2018


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