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Survival Aide Memoire

Survival Aide Memoire
  • Survival Aide Memoire
  • Survival Aide Memoire

Survival Aide Memoire

Survival Aide Memoire

Easy to follow Format Survival Notes to be either saved to your phone as a PDF document or printed and carried as part of your survival preparation equipment.

If printed on laser printer it will not smudge and spoil in the rain even if the paper will eventually get wet. Or print it on right in the rain paper available from Amazon.

When the paralysis of fear and shock stops you thinking logically, its always good to have to hand a simple format to follow and a memory jog to keep you o rack.

Written in an easy to follow format with the options you should follow and the outcomes you should be watching for. This is not designed to replace training it is simply there to augment your training during the times of extreme stress where thoughts may not be a clear as they could be.

Print this using a Laser Printer and even on normal paper it will not run or smudge when wet.

Formatted to be a single double sided sheet of A4 this can be carried in a wallet or your survival kit and could be the prompt you need to take the right actions.

And of course we bring this to you for FREE hoping you stay safe.


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