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Urban-SERE Survival Planning Handbook

Urban-SERE Survival Planning Handbook
  • Urban-SERE Survival Planning Handbook
  • Urban-SERE Survival Planning Handbook
  • Urban-SERE Survival Planning Handbook

Survival Planning Handbook

Even though we have had some great survival training and be competent in many skills, we may still forget or overlook things. That’s why we have written this Survival Planning Handbook.

This handbook has over 48 pages of important information written to prompt you into action and make sensible choices and decisions. Everything is covered from what to research and what to take up to what questions you should be asking yourself and able to answer. It should be read by everyone before:
  • Going on Holiday
  • Outdoor Trips Travel
  • Adventure Travel
  • Gap-year Travel
  • General day to day Travel

When things start going wrong its always good to have a point of reference to refer to. This planning handbook is not supposed to replace training but it will augment any prior knowledge and experience and even in the event of you suffering shock or psychological impairment it remains and solid starter for what to do and what to consider.

You never know when trouble will strike, so being better prepared and having planned for such eventualities will always stand you in better stead.

It has been formatted to be printed double sided on A4 paper and folded to make a booklet. Its unobtrusive size but good depth of knowledge will be invaluable to those who may otherwise overlook some simple aspects of preparation and actions to take while under stress or with time pressures.

Also available in a handy unformatted PDF format so it can be easily added to your smart phone. That means you can always be carrying it and it will be a constant companion for you to refer to and more importantly, it will be there to jog your memory and thought making processes.

Easy Format

Written in an easy to follow format with the options you should follow and the outcomes you should be watching for. This handbook asks the questions you should be able to answer, and by doing so confirming your actions and contingency planning.

If you have at least thought of solutions and courses of action you are far more likely to action those plans rather than be paralysed by fear and shock.


Survival Planning PDF Handbook


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